How to Convert your Community to an Instagram Business Profile

Happy Thursday!  I can see Friday peeking around the corner, can you? ? Ok, I wanted to walk you through how to be sure your Instagram profile is a Business profile and not a personal profile.  Business profiles give you the following benefits:
-Adds a link to email you, get directions or call you
-Gives you access to powerful Insights reporting
-Offers ability to promote posts/run Instagram ads

Here’s how you can check to see what you have!  Does it have the links that are circled below?

If not, you have a personal profile on Instagram and we need you to have a business profile, so follow the steps below!

Step 1- Click the settings wheel next to the Edit Profile button in the screenshot above and when the menu opens, scan down to select ‘Switch to Business Profile’

Step 2  Welcome to IG Business Tools and click Continue

Step 3 Connect your IG profile to your property Facebook page.  Be careful to NOT connect to your personal FB page.

Step 4  All of the pages you are admin over will show up, select your community Facebook page

Step 5  Set up your Business profile, enter your property phone number or tracking number if you are using a call tracking number for each separate ad source, add community address.

Now you should be complete and will have the links to email, call and directions.  Congratulations!  You’ll also be able to start reviewing your Instagram insights reporting going forward from your profile screen by clicking on the Insights icon like highlighted in the picture below.

Email me at if you have any questions and happy Instagramming ??