How to STAND OUT from your competition today!

I remember the first job I had in property management, a Leasing Consultant, and that’s always been my favorite.  I was working two jobs and going to college at the time and the idea of someone paying me to plan parties, ride a golf cart and talk to people about renting an apartment…..well, that sounded like the perfect gig for me!  24 years and numerous corporate level positions later, I still love training and talking with our leasing teams. 
The challenge for them in today’s over-amenitized world though, is “How does my property stand out from the competition?”  We all have the pretty high rises with expansive views and knock your socks off amenities in our markets, but I believe that prospects are craving something more from their apartments today.  They want connection, service and most of all, community.  All of those things have remained constant since I’ve been in the business but somehow have gotten overshadowed by adding more ‘wow’ factor to buildings.
I ask this question to Leasing Professionals all the time and it’s interesting that many of them hesitate when I say, “What makes your property stand out from the rest of your competition?” Several follow up with, “That’s a tough one…” and they go into racking and stacking how their amenities and features line up with their comps.  I let them go for a second and then I say, “What is the one single thing that no other community out there has and you do?”  Drum roll please……’s YOU!  My favorite closing technique from 24 years ago is still my favorite today.  YOU GET ME!
I recently held a training class about how to stand out on social media and one of my biggest and best messages is guiding teams on how to sell themselves on social.  Here’s another big tip, social media is meant to be SOCIAL.  Do you know how many times I audit a property’s social media profiles and everything sounds so corporate that it looks like a website?  Nobody wants to be sold to on social.  We want to be educated and entertained.  Your top social media goal as an Property Manager should be how to produce “thumb-stopping” content.  What does that mean?  Think about it, as you’re scanning down your newsfeed on social media, what makes you stop with your thumb to read it?  It’s usually a photo, a fun tagline or a video, right?  It’s typically something you feel a personal connection to.  It is NOT an ad or something that looks like an ad.  Organic reach on social media is so difficult these days, depending on the source quoted, you probably have about an 8-10% chance that your followers on Facebook will see in their newsfeed what you post on your community’s Facebook Business Page. 
What’s my recommendation?  Remind your teams that their biggest asset is THEM.  Do fun behind the scenes videos and upload to Instagram Stories, feature a different team member every Tuesday on Facebook Live for “Team Member Tuesday”. Have them talk about their years of experience, why they love working there and something personal they would like to share (I couldn’t live without Starbucks, I have a dog named Snoopy who sleeps on his back, I own 47 pairs of shoes.)  Look at your social media profiles today, are your teams trying to sell with every post or are they trying to entertain, connect and create community with every post?  Standing out on social doesn’t have to be hard, but we do have to share the stories behind what makes us unique.  Use your best “You get me” pitch today on social media and with prospects and see what a difference it makes.  Why blend in when we were all meant to stand out? 

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