Our Story

Kelly Thomas has 25+ years of experience in residential property management, holding a variety of on-site and corporate level management positions with companies including Greystar, TCR and others while working with local developers and institutional level clients.  She is a dynamic trainer, engaging speaker, effective leader, operations expert, asset manager and consistently delivers top results for her clients.  She holds the prestigious CPM® designation with the Institute of Real Estate Management and is a licensed Realtor®  in NC/SC.  She is a wife to Dave Thomas Jr. (a diehard University of Tennessee fan) and mother to two amazing daughters, Avery and Lainey who's nicknames happen to be Pickle and Bird. She also runs her own non-profit helping families fighting cancer, Love Is Louder Than Cancer.

What We Do

We hold in person and online customized training programs specifically for the apartment industry.  We partner with corporate and on-site teams to increase sales, resident retention and satisfaction by improving engagement with residents and prospects. We identify revenue opportunities, cost saving strategies and help teams put together a plan to exceed their NOI and increase value for their owners/investors.  You don’t have to spend 25 years learning what we know, because we can condense it into days instead, now isn’t that the best news you’ve heard all year?

Let Us Help You

We take the guesswork out of why a property is under performing.  We start with a full prospect centric property audit to identify opportunities to get your property back on track.  We have extensive revenue management and asset management experience so we’ll help you find the dollars you’re missing.  We offer a variety of in person and online, customized training programs for your teams that are dynamic, engaging and specifically developed to cater to a variety of experience levels.  We don’t just tell you how to do it, we show you how to do it, because we’ve been successful doing it for 25+ years!