"I just wanted to take a minute to say how wonderful and informational this class was on social media! Kelly was very informative on all aspects for social media! Even myself who is on social media all the time learned a lot of new ways to involve everyone on our properties! An awesome class for anyone new to the industry or someone who’s seasoned!! Thanks again Kelly!!"

"Such an informative class, Kelly! Thank you for sharing your knowledge and all the amazing hacks, tips, and tricks to make maintaining our social media sites much easier and aesthetically pleasing to our customers. I absolutely CANNOT wait to attend your next session! You are a great teacher and made learning very enjoyable. Thank you!"

"Kelly has great social media knowledge and tips! Her class was very informative. Lots of information to help grow social media platforms at all of the properties my company manages." 

"I would highly recommend Kelly for helping you take your business to the next level with Social Media. I have already started posting to my business page and seeing results. During training she was able to answer all our questions and showed us some great apps to us with Social Media."
-Jeanette (Realtor)

"Kelly- the content of this class was extremely helpful and insightful. You were able to provide useful information to a range of people from clueless (beginners) on social media to people who are already experienced, all in one class. It was a success and I definitely took away more than 5 actionable items. I couldn't stop thinking of so many ideas I was excited to share with my team. You also provided a full packet of computer screenshots to walk everyone through the processes step by step. Pickle Bird Media gets a 5 from me!"

"Thank you Kelly for sharing your insight and knowledge on social media with us today! As someone who uses social media all the time for business and personal use, I gained so much from this class. I will definitely be sure to recommend Pickle Bird Media to all my co-workers and friends in the industry. I couldn't wait to get back to work today after the seminar to start implementing everything I learned onto our social media platforms. Looking forward to more classes in the future!!!"